University "Politehnica" of Bucharest 
Department of Engineering Science
English Stream, Electric, 5th Year

Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2004

Course Information

Instructor: Professor Adina Magda Florea

Teaching Assistant: Serban Radu

Class url:

Course Description
    This course is about the theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence and is intended to give a broad overview of the major areas of AI. We will study modern techniques of how to build computer programs which represent task-relevant knowledge and make rational decisions in order to optimally get the problem solution.
    By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of what is artificial intelligence, of the algorithmic foundations of AI, of what type of problems are best solved using AI techniques, and of how you should address and solve these problems. You will also see how the methods presented in the course are applicable in different areas such as industry, medicine, finance, etc.

Introduction to AI

Laboratory Slides
Lect 1    Lect 2    Lect 3    Lect 6    Lect 7    Lect 8    Lect 12

Midterm test 20%
Final exam 50%
Laboratory Assignments and work 30%

Note: You are required to have at least at least 60% class attendance to laboratory. No grades will be considered if you are bellow this limit!!


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Suggested Readings
Alan Turing historical paper and test
Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Mind, Vol. LIX. No.236, October, 1950, p.433.
AIís Greatest Trends and Controversies, IEEE Intelligent Systems (January/February 2000)
AI Overview
The Alan Turing home page
The Turing Test page
Turing Test in 2000: BBC on Turing Test
AI the movie: Steven Spielberg's new film, A.I., released in 2001.

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