Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers

University Politehnica Bucharest

Department of Computer Science
Course in Artificial Intelligence Master

Multi-Agent Systems
Spring 2011


Course information

Professor: Adina Magda Florea

Email: adina@cs.pub.ro                                         

Teaching assistants: Serban Radu, Andrei Mogos

Email: serbanradu@hotmail.com, andrei.mogos@cs.pub.ro,

                                                              Artificial Intelligence Master

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Mid-term exam - 30%

Final exam - 20%

Course activity - 10%

Projects - 20%

Laboratory - 20%


Requirements for completing the course


Minimum 7 laboratory attendances and minimum 50% of term activity (from mid-term exam, projects and lab).



Course materials


A. Florea. Course slides


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Must read papers

AAAI about MAS

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The course offers theoretical and practical knowledge about intelligent agents, multi-agent systems and the development of complex, distributed applications, based on intelligent agents, including multi-agent systems for task planning, resource allocation, e-commerce, personal assistants, agents in Internet. Main subjects: types of agents, multi-agent systems architectures, agent reasoning and behavior, distributed search techniques, multi-agent distributed planning, coordination mechanisms, negotiation techniques, communication languages and protocols, multi-agent learning, agent oriented programming, and methods to develop applications using agent technology.



What are agents and MAS?

Agent architectures


Knowledge representation

Distributed planning




Agent oriented programming

MAS Learning

Agents and web services

Agents and MAS applications

      Project 1 - TBD


      Project 2 - TBD