A System for Organisational Design and Coordination using Intelligent Agents

Major Research Grant funded by the World Bank and CNCSIS
Grant Director: Adina Magda Florea
Team: AI-MAS Group, Department of Computer Science, University "Politehnica" of Bucuresti 

Romanian version
Today, organisations are faced with rapidly changing markets, global competition, world-wide availability of information, and dramatic changes in their environments. To cope with these changes, organisations need to integrate human and machine-based knowledge processing and problem-solving capabilities, and to incorporate intelligent information systems as an integral part of the organisation. This makes multi-agent systems (MAS) a natural and effective solution for the design and management of organisations.

The project developed a model and an evaluation environment for the coordination, communication and common exploitation of resources in distributed organisations, for example virtual organizations. The proposed structure is multi-agent, with agents ranging from totally cooperative to self-interested ones, that achieve cooperation in order to fulfill both common and individual goals. The research showed the advantages of combining the multi-agent system paradigm with organization coordination mechanisms towards improving organization functioning.

Last updated: 17 December 2002