Graduate Course
Multi-agent Systems
Adina Magda Florea
AI-MAS Group Coordinator


Agents, agent definitions and classification, multi-agent systems
Models of agency, architectures and languages
Agent communication and interaction protocols
Knowledge representation in MAS
Distributed problem solving and planning
Coordination mechanisms and strategies
Negotiation and coalition formation
Learning in MAS
Agent languages. Agent-oriented programming
Organizational theories
Agent platforms
Agent-oriented software engineering
Industrial applications of MAS
MAS in electronic commerce and virtual markets
Adaptive information agents and information retrieval


Short Course
Organizations in Multi-Agent Systems
29-30 May 2002, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest

The course presents a global overview of recent works dealing with the organization in multi-agent systems, which is a hot topic of research at the moment in the domain. I will present the different works that are devoted to the study of this dimension, along two main points of view : agent-centered and organization-centered. Agent-centered point of view deals with social reasoning based on dependence networks, for example, whereas in an organization-centered point of view, we consider organizations as normative structures such as Agent Group Role of MADKIT, controling the behaviour of agents. Before concluding, I will show how these two points of view are necessary for dynamic, adaptative and decentralized multi-agent systems.

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