Continuous Education Program on Intelligent Agents Technology and Knowledge Processing

University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, 24 June - 4 July 2001




0. Wherever you come from, and however you come, the easiest and fastest way to get to 'Politehnica' is by cab. However, it is the most expensive too. A trip from 'Otopeni' Airport to 'Politehnica' University "should" cost between 150.000 and 250.000 lei ( 1 USD = aprox. 29000 lei ). It's probably a good idea to negociate the price upfront, before getting in the car.
Probably more up-to-date currency info here.

The other ways to get here are...

1. From the "Otopeni" Airport to the Civic Center and then UPB
You should get on the 783 bus from the airport, which will take you to 'Piata Romana', that is 'Romana Square'. From there you get the subway towards 'Unirii' station, where you have to change the line, towards 'Gara de Nord'. Get off the train in 'Eroilor' station, and take the train towards 'Industriilor'. First stop is 'Politehnica'.

2. From "Gara de Nord" railway station to UPB
a. You can take trams numbers 35 and 37, or trolleys numbers 62 and 71 or buses numbers 105 and 305. Probably the best way to decide where to get off is to look for a person aged 17-24 in the bus/tram/trolley you're in and ask them in english where is 'Politehnica'. Chances are 75% to get an acceptable answer.
b. You can take the subway from 'Gara de Nord' towards 'Pantelimon', and get off at 'Semanatoarea' station. This means you'll enter 'POLI' campus from "below" / from the river / from the north as displayed on the map.

Getting to the red point that indicates "Facultatea de Automatica si Calculatoare" shouldn't be a problem, once you get off at the right trolley/bus/tram/subway stop.

Enjoy your stay.

IP location: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Building ED-EF, Rooms: ED010, EG101. Openning in ED010

Please click on the picture below for a map of the "Politehnica" surroundings

Student accomodation is in the "LEU" Campus, location clearly indicated on the map.

Professor accomodation: Hotel Triumf, Sos. Kiseleff, No.12, Tel: 2223172

Bucharest Map

Subway Map

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